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2016 Arise Shine Kapadokya

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We, the United Prayer Movement(UPM), are planning an international prayer gathering of intercessors.

and worshippers from Turkey and the rest of the world in 2016.

This gathering will be at Kapadokya(Cappadocia) in Turkey from May 18th, Wednesday to 21st, Saturday, 2016.

The purposes of this prayer gathering are for;

  1. the continued spiritual break-through and revival in Turkey
  2. peace and advancement of God's kingdom in the Middle-East
  3. preparing Messiah’s Highway for His return.

Our slogan/catchy phrase, which summarizes our goals for the UPM gathering in Kapadokya is;

Arise, Shine! – A light to the nations

Lord willing, we are praying to mobilize about 800 people for this prayer gathering:

300 Turkish pastors and church ministers, 200 (foreign) workers in Turkey, and 300 prayer partners from the rest of the world.

You are cordially invited to join us with much needed prayers for Turkey and the Middle-East.

Planning Committee for "2016 Kapadokya UPM"

2016 갑바도기아 연합중보기도회

Where Kapadokya (Turkey) Held by United Prayer Movement Run by Silk Wave Mission International Prayer Council Partnering with Association of Protestant Churches (Turkey) Leadership Advisory Council SILAS Ministry International Turkey Network


Online Registration: www.globalupm.net

Phone: 714.999.8639 (USA)

E-MAIL: 2016askregister@silkwavemission.com

Registration Deadline: April 25th, 2016


Turkey Outreach + UPM Prayer Gathering

  • Dates May 13th – 21st (Turkey Time)
  • Ministries: We will prayer -walk on many provinces of Turkey. The UPM Prayer gathering will follow immediately after this.
    For Details, please contact 2016ask@silkwavemission.com.
  • Fee/Cost:
    • From the USA -11 nights/12 days (5/12-22): $1,060
      Return to the US on May 22nd
    • From Korea -10 nights/11 days (5/12-21): $1,000
      Return to Korea on May 21st
    • ※ All International & Domestic Flights purchased individually or by team. Flight Ticket


2016 Kapadokya UPM Prayer Gathering

  • Dates:May 18th – 21st (Turkey Time)
  • Ministries:Praying for the more spiritual breakthrough in Turkey, for the peace of the Middle East, and the preparation of the Lord’s return with Turkish Pastors and Church Leaders in Turkey and also Pastors and Church Leaders from the Middle East, along with Prayer Partners from around the world
  • Fee/Cost: (Age 0~6: Free/ Age 7-11: 50%)
    • M Workers -3 nights/4 days (5/18-21):$150
      As of April 20th, we can support upto 17 in-country workers with the special rate of $ 50.
    • From USA -4 nights/5 days (5/18-22): $560
      Return to the US on May 22nd
    • From the Rest of the World -3 nights/4 days (5/18-21): $500
    • ※ All International & Domestic Flights purchased individually or by team.
    • ※ Those who would like to stay the night of May 21st in Cappadocia, please inform us.

Please choose departure location.


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